Card Types


Sword of the Spirit Warriors have been chosen for different reasons by God to make a stand. In every battle they must learn how the word of God is the only truth and it can never fail.

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Attack / Defense Cards are the main source of point scoring during a battle. A true warrior carefully studies each card and has the best strategy

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Specialty Cards

There are 7 rare Yahweh Cards along with an abundance of specialty cards that allow a warrior to transition from one leve to the next, enhance cards in play or change the game altogether.

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Latest Projects


Set up a demonstrations for your homeschool group, church, summer camp. A fully interactive life size card demonstration is set up for your groups enjoyment.

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Interested in setting up a Sword of the Spirit TCG League? Have weekly or monthly battles finishing with a tournament.

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Secret Moves

Select the warrior and find out secret moves and special abilities your opponent wont see coming.

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More Than just a Game

Starting 2016 Sword of the Spirit TCG introduces Full Vacation Bible School and Common Core Math Curriculum